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Cheerleader Ninjas!
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Thursday, January 20th, 2005
3:21 am
My First Time
Oh man! I just watched this movie tonight and it was great! The lines and the characters rocked! Sure the acting isn't....good, but with the product placement and gian robots, I love Cheerleader Ninjas. HILARITY!!
Thursday, January 13th, 2005
4:38 pm
Here's a link to the official website for the movie: http://www.cheerleaderninjas.com/

It's got reviews, pictures, and video clips.

Also, the lyrics to "Last night I stayed at home and masturbated"

Last night, I stayed at home and masturbated
It felt so good
I knew it would
Last night, I stayed at home and masturbated
It felt so sweet
I used my feet
Beat it! Beat it! Up against a wall!
Beat it! beat it! Make it feel so tall
I stroke it all until I blow my wad into the stars!!!
3:59 pm
Ok, so since there's no one here yet, this seems kind of silly to welcome nobody. But hopefully there WILL be members! So to start off, I made this community for one simple reason: I love this movie for all of it's horrible wonderfulness, and seeing that there were about 5 other members on LJ with Cheerleader Ninjas as an interest, I thought "maybe they'd like to get in on this hot action". So yes, now there's a community and I hope people will join and post and stuff.

Current Mood: happy
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